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Learn from the best artists worldwide

Imagine learning from award-winning mentors: Observe the best tattoo artists in the world, learn their techniques and utilize their knowledge. No guesswork, just pure expertise. With WeMakeArtists, we make the impossible possible. Start learning from the best today.

"Our journey begins by flying to the most talented tattoo artists around the globe. We not only record high-quality seminars, but also dive deep into their creative world."

Forge your unique success story as an outstanding tattoo artist!


Our goal is to provide our customers with the best workshop possible. Our team always strives for the highest quality and brings the unique flair of each artist and art form to life in the videos. We want to revolutionize the tattoo scene and give everyone the opportunity to learn from the best tattoo artists worldwide.

In this exclusive trailer you get a small taste of the outstanding quality and inspiring knowledge that awaits you in our courses.

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