13 February 2024 kim

Quantum ink

High-quality VEGAN ink

Our aim is to revolutionize the tattoo ink industry and empower artists all over the world to bring their ideas to life with high-quality VEGAN ink.

"High-quality VEGAN ink"


The Best Tattoo Ink In Europe:

Quantum Tattoo Ink was founded in 2011, in North Hollywood, California. While Quantum originally began as a tattoo supply company our ink quickly gained popularity and became our defining factor. Due to increasing demand, we decided to leave the supplies behind and focus only on making exceptional tattoo ink.

At Quantum, we strive to provide tattoo artists in Europe with the best quality ink on the market. No corners are ever cut in the manufacturing process and the ingredients used are the best available on the market. The inks are acrylic-free, vegan, kosher, and cruelty-free. Our inks are produced with the highest level of sterility and undergo rigorous safety testing. Quantum Tattoo Ink meets the EU standards for tattoo colorants.

Starting in 2022, the same Quantum Tattoo Ink you know and love will also be made in Europe in small batches to ensure the consistency and perfection of every batch. Stay tuned for REACH-approved colors available only on quantumtattooink.eu soon.

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