29 August 2023 kim

First edition of InkJunx brings 150 tattoo artists together

The taboo around tattoos is disappearing

Mechelen, a city in Belgium, played host to the first edition of InkJunx over the weekend at the Nekkerhal. This event brought together over 150 tattoo artists from both local and international origins, showcasing their extraordinary talents and craftsmanship.

InkJunx wasn’t just about tattoos; it was a vibrant gathering of artists and enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of activities, including an art auction, body suspension performances, and even a rodeo bull ride. The organizers expressed their ambition to establish InkJunx as a prominent name in the world of tattoo conventions.

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"Ink is a drug and we are all junx!"

The Nekkerhal was transformed into a haven for tattoo aficionados. The event space was filled with the buzzing sound of tattoo machines, as artists diligently etched their designs onto eager clients. Visitors had the opportunity to witness live tattooing sessions, creating a lively and immersive atmosphere.

Art for charity

At InkJunx, the “Art for Charity” was the section where art work was created for the good cause Children’s Cancer Fund. This heartwarming project symbolized both artistic prowess and a commitment to making a positive impact on children battling cancer. By directing the proceeds to this noble cause, Inkjunx exemplified the profound influence of creativity and compassion in society. It reminded us that the world of art can be a powerful force for good, uniting people in support of those in need, even in the most unconventional of spaces.

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