Morpheus formed in 2013 when guitarist Yves Van Dorsselaer and guitarist Jan Verhoeven came together with a shared vision. In their quest for the perfect energy, they recruited drummer Steven Baeten and in 2016, crucially, Nina Hermans.

Morpheus quickly made a name for themselves in the local scene, performing at clubs and earning a reputation for their live shows. Nina’s stage presence, characterized by her purple hair, drew fans like moths to a flame. Songs like “Liar” and “Countless Imperfections” showcased Morpheus’ ability to seamlessly blend heavy riffs with Nina’s vocals.

In 2019, after years of honing their craft, Morpheus released two singles called, “Illusion” and “Countless Imperfections”. As word of Morpheus spread, they played in venues such as Melkweg in Amsterdam, De Klinker in Aarschot, but also festivals. They performed alongside bands like The Winery Dogs Inglorious, FM, Burning Witches and more.

Now in 2023 Morpheus is back, stronger than ever. With new songs to be released and tours to be planned they are ready to take on all challenges. After releasing their single and videoclip ‘Magnetic’ they want to let the world know: “There’s way more to come! We are ready!”

Ink is a drug and we’re all junx

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